Whether you need a Hosted phone system in the cloud or an On Premise System, VoicePro Networks has the phone system you need!

Call quality, availability and mobility of your business phone systems can all play a big impact on how effectively you can communicate with customers and employees alike. Especially with the size and scope of the business world of today, if you can’t connect you won’t be able to cut it.

Modern Phone Systems

Is it time to move toward modern technology with more features? If it has been a couple years since your last upgrade, there is a lot you could potentially be missing out on. Don’t let your organization lag behind when it comes to the best and most efficient technology.

With the endless advances in technology, telecommunication is also evolving at whirlwind speeds. In the past, telecom systems were used to connect voice to voice, but today, they are so much more than that. Now they are a cutting-edge resource for your business. VOIP technology allows you to make anywhere your office while still being connected to company phones and mobile applications.

We can provide a powerful solution to increase productivity and inspire your employees.

Hosted or Premise?

Hosted System

Hosted systems are the future of VoIP. With hosted services, all your voice and multimedia communications are sent, received and stored in a cloud. Because of this, hosted VoIP is often referred to as Cloud VoIP. All equipment is stored and maintained off-site by the provider. Hosted systems help save you some of the headaches that sometimes come along with new systems, letting you avoid installation and leaving maintenance and care in the hands of certified professionals.

Premise System

Premise systems are a more traditional set-up. Premise VoIP puts all components of the system within the office location. Internal lines are integrated within a LAN. Although you still have to deal with more installation, equipment and personal upkeep and maintenance, premise systems allow for more internal control and customization.

We'll work with you to find the best solution for your business.

Whatever you are looking for, whatever best fits your needs, VoicePro Networks will work with you to find the best solution! Don’t fall behind the competition because your organization has connectivity issues, let VoicePro Networks find the best phone system for you. If you're unsure if your system is in need of an upgrade, take our free evaluation and find out which areas your current system could improve!

Free Evaluation

Ready to take advantage of the Cloud?

Yes, we mean VoIP. (Don’t worry! It’s simpler than you think!)

Voice over IP (VoIP) technology is becoming a preferred communication model for many businesses. Why? Because VoIP technology combines voice and data over a single connection, which reduces costs….but still provides the service you rely on to run your business.

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This is our area of expertise!

For over 25 years VoicePro Networks has provided telecommunication products and solutions for all types of businesses.

We offer on premise and cloud (aka hosted) VoIP phone systems AND we have certified technicians and customer service advocates who provide extreme customer service. Why? Because VoicePro Networks understands that each business is unique and we offer the best possible service as well as a solution to your current needs.

Take your communication to the next level

Through Voice, Data and Cloud – we offer a more cutting-edge communication system that offers flexibility, with many more features at a price that might even be less than what you are paying now.

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