Once you have your system installed or upgraded with VoicePro Networks we won’t just walk away and leave you hanging like some larger, national companies. Installation is just the beginning of our relationship with our customers!

VoicePro Networks offers each and every one of our phone system customers with a worry-free customer support program to ensure our customers’ satisfaction, offer support and consultation for all your phone system needs. Our Customer Support Agreement is our most comprehensive support plan and gives you total peace of mind from Day One. With VoicePro Networks , you don’t have to worry about your company being just a number or a statistic.

We offer professional system installation by our own crew, complete training for you and your staff and follow it all up with comprehensive service support after deployment for all hardware and software we install. It’s the least we can do for our customers!

Our fixed-cost support and service plans save you a lot of money over time. No more scrambling to find help; you will now have a reliable and fast-working team at your back.

Our response time is lightning fast and will drastically reduce any system downtime your company can face. VoicePro Networks is local – located in Metropolitan St. Louis – and available on short notice. We can make service calls on your premises or troubleshoot remotely, depending on the system you have. We’ll also keep your system updated so you always have the latest technology working for you, and be there to walk you through any changes or offer advice and consultation on upgrades you may consider.

Your Customer Support Agreement with VoicePro Networks

  • Major Outage: 2hr Priority Response – we will be there to assist you quickly in case of an emergency.
  • Priority Access to Spare Inventory – as your business grows, we grow with you.
  • Backup and archiving of system databases
  • Discounts on Equipment – our customers have access to only the best.
  • Replacement of defective handset/station cords
  • Free consultation on Application Development
  • No charge for “No Trouble Found” with Line Carrier Support
  • Wiring Coverage, if cabling installed by VoicePro Networks
  • Annual Refresher & System Administrator Training – we will make sure you are up to date
  • No labor charges associated with software upgrades
  • Customer Support Agreement (1 month FREE) if we fail to meet non-emergency response times
  • Reduced Labor Rate for Moves, Adds or Changes

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